Hubbard Ascends From Principal to Doctor

After earning Doctorate Degree, ACHS principal


Bradford Hubbard

Along with being qualified to run our school, as of last Thursday, principal Bradford Hubbard is now a Doctor of Education, specifically in Educational Leadership and Supervision. After working for five years, Hubbard has gained his degree through a Loyola University program.

Through the process, Hubbard learned new skills in leadership and education. By earning a Doctorate, Hubbard can also officially work in superintendency if that becomes an option for him.

I learned a lot about myself and my ability to focus, balance, learn, grow and serve,” Hubbard said. “Most importantly, I learned that I am extremely fortunate. I am surrounded by a wife, two kids, colleagues and students who truly believe in me, and that feels so special.”

Hubbard said he is happy to have finished the process of earning his degree and is excited to be able to use the extra time he now has to spend with his family. He is looking forward to applying the information he has learned.

“You honestly can achieve anything you want if you have the passion, display the perseverance, are willing to make sacrifices,” he said. “Honestly, anything.”