Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For That Special Someone

The best gifts don't need to be the most expensive.


Good things come in small packages, and sometimes the best presents can come in small amounts too. When thinking about the holidays, especially Christmas, cost tends to stress out most people. Food, parties, events and presents are just some of the many expenses that people have to worry about during the holiday season. Money shouldn’t always have to be an issue, especially when there are so many other things to worry about.

Finding a gift for a special someone can be one of the most challenging things about the holidays. Here are some inexpensive gifts that are great ideas to get for the one that means the most.

1. Frame It

This idea is a great one for either a girlfriend or a boyfriend. No matter what age: high school, college or adult, everybody has room for a little more life in their bedroom created by adding a frame. A nice framed picture is very inexpensive, but also tells that person that a lot of love and thought was put into the present. Something simple such as one picture in a plain frame is just as good as multiple pictures hung on wire. No matter what way is chosen to display the pictures together, the present receiver will love how special it is.

2. Treat Them to a Dinner and Movie

Christmas/holidays don’t need to be about physical presents, necessarily. A nice restaurant and a fun activity takes a lot more thought into planning than a thoughtless gift. It is always the thought that counts, not the amount of money it took to get the present. Memories, fun times, and laughs can be shared on a fun date such as this. An event is one that will stay with in their head much longer than a physical object. Even something as simple as just flowers can make a girl happier than a boy will ever realize.

3. Homemade Tie Blanket

With two pieces of any kind of cloth, large enough to cover the person as a blanket, make a unique blanket they’ll never want to replace. Put the two piece of cloth on top of one another. Go around the entire edges of the cloth pieces and cut 3 inch slits through both the bottom and top pieces. Tie each bottom and overlapping top strand together. When finished, the finished product should be a blanket with tied knots around the edges. The great thing about this gift is that the design on the blanket can be absolutely anything desired. The only necessities to complete this present are the two cloth pieces big enough to cover the person.

3. Sports Spirit Wear

Who doesn’t love to support their favorite team? Treat a girlfriend or boyfriend with a great present that includes sports wear of their favorite team! Some ideas are hats, beanies, gloves, blankets, shirts, hoodies, pajama pants or jerseys! They will be so excited to sport their favorite team with all their new accessories.

4. Jewelry For Her

Every girl loves to receive a small box for Christmas and find a sparkly surprise inside.  Men tend to stay away from jewelry now because of the high cost, but not all jewelry has to be expensive. Recently the brand Pandora has been getting more and more popular. A charm for a Pandora bracelet or any other bracelet would be a fantastic gift that any girl is sure to appreciate. Rings, necklaces and earrings are also cheap and easy things to pick out for that special girl that she is bound to love.

5. Spa Day

Last, but definitely not least, the most appreciated gift out there is treating him or her to a day at the spa. Who wouldn’t love to spend the day at the spa getting pampered and unstressed? There’s nothing better than a relaxing massage, a soothing face mask and spending the day with loved ones. If going to the spa is not cost effective enough, a personal treat of a massage and a own homemade spa will work just as good. This gift will make that special someone feel more special than ever!

This holiday season, put more thought than money into a gift for a special someone. The most expensive isn’t always the most appreciated. Make memories this holiday season that will be remembered instead of a thoughtless and effortless gift. Don’t forget to make it merry!