Lacrosse Falls to Cary Grove in a Tough Game

The Sequoits battled with all of their strength against the Trojans but they did not end up on top.

Brandon Pinto

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Born to Run
September 20, 2019

Competing in their second game of the season, Antioch’s varsity lacrosse team faced off against Cary Grove at home which resulted in a loss for the Sequoits, making their record now 1-1-0. The team will not let this loss get the best of them as they can use it as a reason to work even harder in preparation for the many games yet to come.

Junior Jack Bay feels that the Sequoits can use this loss as a way to understand the areas in which they need to improve.

“[Losing] is something all teams have to face and we will all come out stronger and better as a result of it,” Bay said. “Despite the score, we kept fighting until the very end which was a good thing.”

While the score did not end in favor of Antioch, the Sequoits were able to walk away with a lesson to be learned. They got to try out different strategies on the field in order to see what works best for the team.

This being Antioch’s first year with a lacrosse team composed of just Sequoits members, some wrinkles still need to be worked out. With the season only beginning, Antioch has vastly enough time for improvement, allowing players to practice. Varsity lacrosse can be seen playing McHenry High School on April 1, on Antioch’s home turf.