Learning From a Close Game

The Sequoits basketball team has a nail-biting end to their game against the Blue Thunder.


Valerie Rosek

Senior Gavin Eldridge passes the ball inbounds to fellow teammateKobe Kriese under their opponents net.

Coming into their basketball game with confidence and hope, the boys basketball team competed against Belvidere North expecting tough competition. By way of their efforts and ambition, the Sequoits were able to hold the Blue Thunder to a score of 42-39, in favor of Belvidere. 

Despite the loss, Antioch was satisfied with the level in which everyone on the team played at; if it were not for their teamwork the score could have been more drastic. The aggression put towards both scoring and defending is something that was detrimental in a game as close as this.

“Belvidere North is a good team and we knew that coming into the game,” junior Jared Wolf said. “The fact we were able to make it competitive and give ourselves a fighting chance to win is a good sign for our future.”

With their positive mindset, the team was able to be focused on doing their best to work together. One stand out of the game would be junior Kobe Kriese, who was able to generate shots and motivate the offense. As well, he was able to provide ball movement around the court and help push their offense. Overall, this game is something that the team can learn from as the season progresses.

“As a team I think we just have to shoot a little bit better inside the paint and then we can win close games like those,” freshman Joey Neumann said.

The loss against Belvidere North may have been something which the team needed to experience in order to aid in their improvement. Taking into account what areas the team did well in, the team can correct any mistakes that were made. As a result, the Sequoits continual improvement has formed a promising second half to their season. 

“I think [this game] shows us if that we work hard give enough effort, we could compete with any team we play against,” Neumann said.

Using this positive mindset, the Sequoits plan to continue their focus into the rest of their games. The next opportunity to show their growth is on January 31, when Antioch competes against Wauconda Community High School.