Sequoit Lacrosse Meets the Warriors

The boys challenged McHenry High School throughout the whole game, but ultimately ended up losing the game.

Brandon Pinto

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Born to Run
September 20, 2019

The Antioch lacrosse team recently faced McHenry High School on their home turf for their third game of the season. The Sequoits fought until the final whistle, ending with a score of 11-3 in favor of the warriors. For Antioch, junior Jake Bulka scored one of their three goals and sophomore Owen Lane scored the other two.

In the eyes of senior defenseman Cole Niemi, the Antioch lacrosse team is just starting out this season and will have many more battles as the season progresses. No matter win or lose, the team cannot waver from their key objectives to success: communication on the field, teamwork and various strategies.

“We kept positive energy on the field,” Niemi said. “Even when we were down, we tried to keep scoring and get back in the game.”

Facing some challenges throughout games can be expected, but it is all about persevering in order to better both the team as a whole as well as the players individually. Over spring break, the lacrosse team was able to not only further their handling skills, but also ball movement. The boys saw the benefit of improving these skills during the game as, without it, the three goals would possibly have not been scored.

This was just one of the many games yet to come for the team this year. With the rest of the season ahead of them, ready for the taking, the lacrosse team is surely prepared for their next game. With the coaching of Matthew Larsen, the Sequoits are next to be seen competing against the Chargers at Dundee Crown High School on Wednesday, April 3.