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Nora Lubkeman
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Nora Lubkeman is a senior and this is her first year on staff. She is a three-sport athlete participating in cross country, track and bowling. She enjoys spending time with friends, creating art and going...

Lakers fall to Mount Prospect Prep

The Lakers faced an unfortunate loss against Prep, ending their playoff season.
Meryl Resurreccion
Despite a disappointing loss, the Lakers are encouraged by their recent tournament win.

After taking a trip to Mount Prospect on Friday, Feb. 18, the Lakers varsity hockey team faced an unfortunate loss to Prep. With only one goal scored by the captain of the team who goes to 

Lakes Community High School, they lost 3-1. Their single goal was scored and assisted by seniors Tyler Cook and Jason Fogel at the end of the first period, and everything after that was a tough fight to grab a win. 

Senior Gavin Frank looked back on the game and realized what he could have done differently, as well as the entire team.

I think that I could have moved the puck better, and what I mean by that is making good passes to my teammates and catching passes that are given to me,” Frank said. “I think the team could have done better with playing the body on the other team and not so much looking at the puck.”

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Due to their loss in their previous playoff game against Lake Park on Feb. 12, this game against Prep was their last chance to secure a spot in the semifinals. However, there was a bright side to their overall performance in the playoff round.

“I think as a team we were able to work well with each other and that’s why we were able to win our first three games,” Frank said.

The Lakers aren’t dreading too much about the end of their playoffs season, as they played really well in the Chi Town Cup Tournament and are looking forward to the Irish South Bend Cup Travel Tournament in early March.


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Meryl Resurreccion, Tom Tom Staff
Meryl Resurreccion is a senior and this is her first year on staff. She likes to sing, play piano, draw, embroider and play sports, like basketball and soccer in her free time. She would also love to add that "Titanic" and the 2003 live-action adaptation of Dr. Seuss' "Cat in the Hat" are cinematic masterpieces and she knows almost every line from both movies.
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