Life in a Small Town

Small towns can get boring, including our very own Antioch. So here’s some insight into small-town life.


Antioch has a pretty dull and boring scene, except for one hot spot everyone seems to love, Vegas. Madison Merrill stands in front of The Vegas cafe before getting a delicious meal.

Those who live in Antioch may think that life can get boring when you live in a small town. Whether one drives around blasting music too loud in the suburbs or spends their day at a friend’s house, people can feel as though there must be something more enjoyable to do in this town.

“Sometimes I get really bored during the weekends,” junior Madison Merrill said. “I have lived in this town my whole life and yet I still struggle to find fun things to do in town.” 

While there is a struggle for some to find something to do in the downtown area, there has been one restaurant that everyone in town seems to love to go to.

“One thing in town that I think everyone loves is Las Vegas,” Merrill said. “I go there with friends all the time and everyone goes there after finals.”

 When sophomore Juliana Gonzalez moved to Antioch, she tried many different things to do around town and was disappointed by the lack of activities around Antioch.

“I moved here from Joliet in fourth grade,” Gonzalez said, “Joliet is a lot different and there is so much more to do compared to downtown Antioch.” 

Moving from such a big town, there are several things Gonzalez would like to change about Antioch. 

“I think we need better restaurants to eat at than just Las Vegas,” Gonzalez said. “It would be super cool if they put in good shopping stores.” 

Merrill also recognizes Antioch’s lack of shops in the downtown area and wished they would put in cooler places. 

“I think a lot of small businesses, like little shops and restaurants, have failed in the downtown area,” Merrill said. “I think it would be a good idea to put in cooler places. We would all have more to do and I think it would be good for the town.”

While some who have lived in Antioch for a while may think it can be boring, sophomore Nina Albertini believes Antioch has more going on compared to her old town. 

“I think there is more to do here because of downtown with shops and restaurants, unlike my old town,” Albertini said. 

Albertini likes the small-town vibes Antioch gives off; this can remind residents that there are, believe it or not, things to do in this town.

Whether it’s going out to eat at the same five restaurants, walking around Walmart for an endless amount of time or even bowling at Antioch Lanes, there are multiple activities available around town for the people in the community.