Managing the Team to Success

Being on the field during Friday Night Lights doesn’t always involve putting on a helmet.


The town of Antioch cherishes the varsity football team with great value. Antioch’s varsity football team has a crew of ten managers who help year round to make sure the team runs smoothly, Many only notice the players during the games on Friday nights under the lights, but what some don’t notice are the managers helping the team behind the scenes.

The current set of managers are made up of only girls who differ in grade levels. Depending on what time of season it is, the managers have different jobs for what the program needs. For example, before the season starts up, the managers help the coaches get everything set up so it is easier to start off the season. Getting the website set up and the players gear distributed

“All of the technical stuff has to happen more towards the beginning of the summer where you have to get everything distributed,” senior manager Symone Henderson said.

The managers help the team as a whole in order to have a positive atmosphere at practices, games and even off of the field. The managers help make a positive atmosphere for the football program with the relationships they’ve built with the players and coaches.

“Their moral support on and off the field is definitely felt within the football program,” wide receiver coach Mitchell Munda said.

Many of the varsity players talk about how their managers help keep them happy and upbeat for games so they can have more fun and stronger connections.

“The football players have a great connection with the football managers,” sophomore football player Ethan Holmes said. “We often talk to them and we get along really nicely.”

The football program has developed a very strong bond with all of the football managers. The coaches have inspired the managing crew so much and the managers look up to the coaches who put all their love into the football program.

“The coaching staff are all really influential and great men,” Henderson said. “I look up to them a lot because they’re so successful. They are father figures in a way.”

Even though the football program is based upon the games played by the athletes, a majority of it wouldn’t be possible without the extra help. Football managers are always there making sure the players have water, the correct gear and the encouragement that they need to keep on winning. Don’t forget to look to see who is on the sidelines making it all possible.