DIY: Tik Tok Trends

Although Tik Tok is traditionally used for lip-syncing, comedy, and talent videos, users have started to create “DIY Tik Toks.”


Catherine Hackeloer

Catherine Hackeloer
Personalized painted jeans are a way to spice up regular jeans with an authentic touch. It is an easy and quick project to do at home.
Catherine Hackeloer
Turning a simple shirt into something unique only takes a few simple steps. The back-tie shirt is a perfect statement piece to spice it up.
Catherine Hackeloer
Iron-on patches can be found at Walmart or other craft stores in order to change up a simple black top.

Tik Tok is an app that was created based off of the popular lip-syncing app Tik Tok was originally released in September 2016 and is targetted towards aged 13 and older. Since 2016, Tik Tok has become much more than just an app for lip-syncing, now it is also a place to share funny videos and simple DIYs.

Personalized Painted Jeans

Materials needed:

-A pair of jeans (preferably with no pocket stitch)

-Acrylic paint of choice



Finding a nice pair of jeans to paint on is as simple as stopping by a local thrift store. One can choose to paint both pockets or just one. Place tape around the edges of the jean pocket to avoid getting paint on non-desired places. Trace a design on the jean pocket with a pen before starting with paint to avoid any mistakes. After the design is traced, begin painting over the traced design with the acrylic paints. 

Back-Tie Shirt

Materials needed:

-A loose-fitting t-shirt or a tank top 


-Ruler or straightedge


Take a loose-fitting t-shirt or tank top and place it on a leveled surface. Pick a desired front and back for the shirt. Using a straightedge and marker, mark a line across the front of the shirt at the desired height, then cut along that line. Flipping the shirt to the back, draw a line straight down the middle and cut along this line. Now that the shirt is cut, tie the back of the shirt in a knot to complete the cropped back-tie shirt. 

Iron-on Patch Top

Materials needed:

-Black shirt from boys section at Walmart

-Iron-on patch (available at Walmart and craft stores)

-Iron/ironing board

-Buffering cloth (such as a pillowcase)

Any plain black shirt works for this DIY, but for a fitted and more cropped shirt, Walmart sells black t-shirts in the boy’s section. Walmart and craft stores sell iron-on patches in their sewing and craft sections. Choose the desired location for the patch to be placed. Turn the iron on to a low setting. Place the shirt and arranged patch onto the ironing board and then place the buffering cloth over both. The pillowcase acts as a barrier between the patch and the iron to avoid scorching. Iron over the patch several times and allow it to cool.