Math Team Hopes For a Promising Year Solving Math Equations

The Math Team at ACHS is looking forward to another great year of hard work and determination.


Sophomore Jacob Slaboz stands proudly next to his math team’s plaques from last year. “When we go to meets, especially conference and regionals, we want to go there and win awards,” Head Coach Stanich said. Last year the math team was able to achieve their goal, and hopes to do the same thing this year.

The Math Team at Antioch Community High School has been successful the past five years and is planning to carry their past successes into the upcoming season. As each year passes, the math team strives to be better than the team was in the last season. Many strenuous hours spent doing math problems pays off for the mathletes when they accomplish the team’s biggest goal; qualifying for state. In order for the math team to be on the right track for state, Head Coach Christopher Stanich tries to recruit top people from the Honors classes.                                                               

“We try to recruit the students who are the top in the Honors classes,” Head Coach Stanich said. “If somebody comes that is not in one of the top Honors classes, I’m not going to turn them away.” 

The math team will spend one day a week starting on Tuesday, October 8th collaborating with one another to solve math problems given by the head coaches. These practices help the mathletes as they prepare for  the long journey to state.  

“They’ll give us a packet [at practice], which is pretty much the same version of any packet you get during a meet,” sophomore Jacob Slaboz said. “Then they time us, we do it, and we go over it. After, we get help with anything we didn’t understand.” 

Practices are going to be different than they were last year considering the math team is welcoming a new assistant coach to the team. Megan Troyer, new assistant coach, will be helping Stanich coach the math team this year. 

“Once I found out that she was the assistant coach for freshman and sophomore it made me really excited because she’s great,” Slaboz said. “I love Mrs. Troyer.” 

The Math Team at Antioch Community High School is looking forward to another year filled with hard work, dedication, and hopefully a bus ride down to state.