ACHS Students and Teachers Celebrate Women’s Equality

The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote and was officially certified on August 26th, 1920. Sequoits celebrated women’s right to vote and hold power in this country by creating a video.

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, students at Antioch Community High School got together last semester to create a video that was recently shared for the whole school to see. Organized by Iwona Awlasewicz, Amanda Cardenas, Jocelyn Cabuyadao and Ty McGuire, each woman restated a line from Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman,” which rejects the societal expectations of women and instead proposes an alternative perspective on the meaning of true beauty. Each clip pieced together to recite the poem.

“[The video] put a smile on everyone’s face,” English teacher Iwona Awłasewicz said. “Women come in a variety of shapes, colors, and dress sizes and we are all beautiful. It takes such a long time for women to finally accept ourselves for who we are.” 

Women’s Equality Day is a reminder that women should not lose sight of the fact that their equality had to be earned. Women can recognize and honor the generation of women that came before them that made their life today possible. 

“People should care about Women’s Equality Day because it is a huge milestone in society,” senior Jocelyn Cabuyadao said. “Women should get the same rights and benefits as men.” 

The video that the women of ACHS made intended to show people how women do not have to depend on others. 

“The goal of the video was to raise awareness to show everyone that the rights of women in America should not be forgotten,” cameraman senior Ty Mcguire said. “Women’s Equality Day should be celebrated, so we never forget the rights women had to fight for.” 

It is because of the perseverance and strength of past women that females today can be more than a housewife. Every generation of women can add on to the heritage and make their mark in this country.