Movie Review: Halloween 1978 v. Halloween 2018

The first Halloween and the latest catch the audience’s attention in their own ways.


Ashley Lubkeman

The two movies have caught the eyes of viewers since 1978. Halloween movies have eye-catching covers and always been movies perfect for any time of the year.

With Halloween right around the corner, a good horror movie to watch could be “Halloween” with the one and only Michael Myers. Throughout the years, the producers have made multiple movies about the serial killer, with the first released in 1978, the latest released in 2018 and more predicted to come. The 1978 film had received a Rotten Tomato score of 96 percent, and the 2018 film had received a score of 76 percent. 


The films focus on the serial killer Michael Myers who stalks and kills people in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, after escaping a mental institution for the murder of his sister Judith.


“Halloween has such a great story that is super memorable to me,” sophomore Donald Carson said. “I loved this movie so much because the main killer is scary. There is always a sense that he is there somewhere and you just can’t see him.” 


In the 2018 film, Myers has more screen time compared to the original movie, which might impact the fear factor of the films.


“I think the difference is that the first movie is scary for its time,” junior Allyssa Tanner said. “The last one is a newer movie, so it’s going to be scary for our time.”


According to the Rotten Tomato reviews, the original Halloween movie appeared to be more popular than the recently released movie, which could be agreed upon by others as well.


“I always recommend the original Halloween,” Carson said. “The movie is so good with every single character, and it’s a classic.”


The Halloween movies seem to leave the audience in suspense about whether Michael Myers will return again. According to fans, a good horror movie to watch during this season may be the original Halloween, especially if the viewers enjoy classic movies.