Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog

With the newest movie Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega brings their character Sonic to life in a new kid friendly fashion.


Courtesy of IMDB

Sonic gets his first film after the hit video game is brought to the big screen.

The character Sonic the Hedgehog was first introduced in 1991 as part of the video game Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis. Immediately after it’s release, Sonic became a huge hit and ended up selling around 15 million copies of the game. In 2020, Sonic received his first movie and he deserved it after movies like Detective Pickachu started to be released. Sonic the Hedgehog was not a disappointment.

The movie begins with a backstory about Sonic. Sonic starts back at his home planet of Mobius where he finds himself hated by his own people for his power of speed. In order to save himself, he must leave his home planet and flee to Earth. Ten years later, Sonic has grown in his new home and he has created his own hiding spot from the people of his home planet. Unfortunately, Sonic becomes very lonely, leaving him with not having any human friends. This sadness causes power that creates a blackout throughout the entire country. The government becomes involved and starts searching for Sonic. Sonic then decides to flee from his hiding and tries to leave Earth, but is stopped by his human friend Tom.

Tom, a police officer, who lives in the general area of where Sonic was hiding, took him in and helped him. Sonic had lost his rings, which is how he travels from world to world. Sonic lost them in San Francisco and Tom helped him get there. On the way there, they faced many obstacles, one of them being the famed Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik. Robotnik tries to capture Sonic many times throughout the movie and are still unsuccessful, but Robotnik finds a piece of Sonics hair, which is powerful enough to go as fast as Sonic. So, Robotnik fights Sonic and is able to do so by using this newly acquired power.  In the end, Sonic comes out victorious by taking his power to the next level and destroying Robotnik.

This movie is a very kid-friendly movie. Sonic the Hedgehog had a lot of comedy done by the famous Jim Carrey, who plays Dr. Eggman. The movie was filled with adventure, comedy and heartwarming moments. While this movie was funny, the scenes that stood out came from Carrey; not many of the other characters were very funny, except for Tom, who was a very sarcastic type of comedy. The story line and the way they used CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to make Sonic was very well done. I highly recommend Sonic the Hedgehog for younger audiences. Out of ten, I would give this movie a seven point one out of ten.