Movie Review: The Rhythm Section

The Rhythm Section is newest spy movie of the year. While this movie does not have much anticipation around it, it seemingly surprised the audience.


Courtesy of IMBD

The newest spy movie to come out is based off of the book, The Rhythm Section.

In the rhythm section, the movie is based on a girl named Stephanie Patrick. Patrick’s family is horrifically killed in a plane crash which was later found to be a terrorist act. Throughout the movie, Patrick is taking steps to get closer to the man who orchestrated the attack and get revenge for what was done to her family.

Patrick struggled very hard with the death of her family and had no source of income or anywhere to sleep. This led her to become a prostitute and she lived in the whore house. Along with her life not being on track because of prostitution, Patrick also had a heroin addiction. At this point, she found herself at an all time low with no one to turn to or anyone to help.

After what she expected to be a normal appointment, it did not turn out the way it usually did. Patrick met a journalist who was writing an article about the plane crash and how it was suspected to be a terror attack. This is the point where she finds out it was a terror act and she becomes curious about wanting to know more. She then begins talking to the journalist and asking many questions because his whole apartment was filled with articles and pictures about the crash.

After becoming informed about the journalist’s idea, she starts to seek her revenge. Her journey hits a stopping point when the journalist is murdered and she has to go to someone new for support throughout the process. 

After a long trip to the mountains, she is locked in a room and a man teaches her survival skills and they partner up to take out “U-17”. Through her revenge seeking journey, she faces some adversity but that doesn’t stop her in this thriller of a movie. 

Overall, the movie was intriguing and well thought out. At no point were the viewers left sitting there, it was constant action while being suspenseful at the same time. The movie depicts the hard life of a young girl who fights for what she believes in very well. I would rate the movie 8.5/10 because the story line was great and the movie was very interesting.