OK Go Mind Blowing Music Video: One Moment

The band OK Go recently released a new music video for their song "One Moment" that will leave any viewer in awe.

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OK Go Mind Blowing Music Video: One Moment

OK Go is an alternative rock band that not only produces a variety of unique music, but also creates spectacular music videos. Junior Amanda Rowe attended their concert while OK Go was on tour for their newest album, “Hungry Ghosts.”

“Seeing them live was awesome. During the show they let people come up on stage and dance. They were amazing and I would definitely like to see them again,” Rowe said.

Their first music video that gained attention to their band was “Here It Goes Again,” released on the YouTube channel “enimusic” and at the time of writing, has 34,298,375 views. This video consists of the four band members doing intricate choreography on a series of treadmills. As they have become more popular, their videos have become more meaningful, time consuming, and complex. They have made music videos including optical illusions, trained dogs and lots of flying paint. They even made a music video while in a zero gravity airplane.

OK Go recently released another music video for their song “One Moment.” The video is filmed in 4.2 seconds to show a hectic and frantic moment, but when digitally slowed down, the chaotic moment turns into a beautiful one. Damian Kulash, lead singer and director of most of their music videos, explains that the song “One Moment” is about celebrating the moments where we are most alive.

We have only these few moments. Luckily, among them there are a few that really matter, and it’s our job to find them,’’ Kulash said to okgo.net. “For the video, we tried to represent this idea literally — we shot it in a single moment. We constructed a moment of total chaos and confusion, and then unraveled that moment, discovering the beauty, wonder, and structure within.”

To create this video, OK Go used a series of precise triggers that would go off and cause the events that occurred in the video. They used a fast moving robotic arm for the camera so it wouldn’t miss a single moment of the complicated series of events, according to okgo.net. Their preparation and timing had to be precise because the 4.2 second clip was slowed down immensely to fit a four minute song. 

The musicians in OK Go are true artists due to their wild dreams and their ability to execute them. The “One Moment” music video is available for viewing at okgo.net.