Out With The Old, In With The New

ACHS drops the old passbooks for new locker and bathroom passes.


Clay Vesser

New Passes

Walking in the hallways without a passbook came with a question from a security guard. Often, these questions included, “Where are you going?” or “Where should you be?”

But now, leaving the passbook in the classroom for a simple trip to the bathroom is the new way to go. The deans’ new “Locker/Bathroom Pass” replaced the passbooks in hopes of becoming more convenient.

“The new passes are more convenient because if your locker is right outside the classroom, you don’t have to spend time filling out the passbook,” senior Nick Andre said. “Instead, you take one off of the wall and go. The bad thing is that for seniors, we have seen earlier senior classes use their I.D.’s as their passes so now everyone is confused.”

I.D. or not, the new passes are more convenient than using the bigger, bulkier passbooks.

“The new passes are definitely more convenient because it takes less time to actually leave the classroom,” freshman Harry Smith said. “However, I think they are unsanitary because they get used over and over and go in and out of the bathroom without getting cleaned.”

The passes have added an easier option for Sequoits to be respectful and responsible.