The New Face Of The Water Tower

Water Tower gets a facelift.

During the summer, Antioch not only received a new stadium but also a newly painted water tower.

From the beginning of the construction of Antioch Community High School’s sister school in 2008, a landmark marking Eagle territory rose above the ground. The water tower with the Lakes logo for everyone to see that drives through Lake Villa. If we’re in a district, why don’t we have the same?

Run by the Antioch booster club, Sequoit Pride, the water tower located southeast of the new football stadium got a face lift. With a Sequoit logo and a “Home of the Sequoits” facing the new turf, Sequoit Pride managed to pull off an equalizer of Lakes and ACHS.

ACHS Sophomore Kaitlyn Castillo said, “The water tower looks really nice and it adds to our school culture because it is full of Sequoit Pride.”

Come see the new water tower next Friday, September 4 as the football team takes on Moline.