Twin Telepathy

The Reiser sisters are Antioch’s very own double threat.

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. They are amazing things alone, but when they are put together, they create one amazing team. The Antioch Community High School sophomore Reiser twins on the basketball court are no different.

Whether it’s a fast break lay-up, an assist on a three pointer or picking each other up after a rough day of school, Ashley and Amy Reiser help each other out and make one another better. The fact that they are twins makes it easier. The fact that they are best friends make it special.

They are twins, and best friends. Going through the hallways within ACHS, you are hit with the Reiser charisma every turn you make. They seem to be everywhere in a way, but nobody ever cares. In fact, anyone that has ever run into the Reiser twins leave with a smile on their face stretching ear to ear.

Best friends or twins one thing’s is sure, the Resiers are really good at communicating with one another. Sometimes they seem to show telepathy, which 54% of surveyed students believe in. For those who may not know, telepathy is the communication without utilizing the known senses.

Amy said, “We do not really act like twins. We do not feel the others pain, finish the others sentences, or anything cliche like that. But, as people can see during basketball, we are pretty good with twin communication on the court.”

So is this telepathy? Girls varsity head coach Tim Borries has resulted to it. Borries sees the high level of communication between the girls.

“[Having the twins on the team] is awesome because they read each other and communicate without talking. They know where the other is going to be before the play even happens,” Borries said. “In their very first practice, when they were freshmen, Ashley saved the ball after it was headed out of bounds. All she did was throw it to an open space where she knew Amy would be and Amy intercepted the pass and took it in for an easy two points.”

The communication on the court also often transfers to life outside of the gym. As mentioned before, the Reisers are special people. They make everyone’s day no matter what type of day they are having. As for the Reisers in school, it isn’t hard to believe they haven’t been in a lot of classes together.

“Amy and I unfortunately have not had many classes together throughout our high school years. However, in middle school we had the majority of our classes together,” Ashley said.

The amazing aspect of their relationship is that they are both independent from each other. They are two completely different girls, yet communicate seamlessly when the time comes.

Borries also sees the advantages of having a twin once the fourth quarter is over. When the twins switch to non-basketball mode, they continue to help one another be better in anything and everything they do.

“They always lean on each other. When they are having a bad game, or even a bad day, they lift each other up,” Borries said.

The inexplicable communication often points to what many believe is twin telepathy.

Ashley said, “Many people say we have a sort of twin telepathy or will call us the dynamic duo because of our sense of each other on the basketball court. So yes, I have a good amount of experiences in which we have done things that could only be explained through being twins.”