Overwhelmed in overtime

After an intense game against Lakes Community High School, Antioch came up short.


Aubrey Ultsch

Emmy Zamudio driving to the basket.

On Friday, Dec. 9, the Sequoits boys basketball team took on their cross-town rival, Lakes Community High School. It was a close game from tip-off to the final buzzer, almost looking like a Sequoit victory with just seconds left in the game. Although the Sequoits were not able to come away with a win, they played hard from start to finish. The boys move to 3-6 after losing 44-41.

This game was the most anticipated game of the season thus far for the Sequoits, being the first home game against their biggest rival. The stands overflowed with support and were filled with electric energy, creating an exciting atmosphere. This atmosphere excites the athletes; for some, it is their favorite part of the game.

“It is by far our most crowded game of the year so it’s always a really fun atmosphere,” senior Ryan Emering said.

With the home-court advantage, the first five minutes of the game was a landslide where Antioch dominated Lakes in every aspect of the game creating a 13-5 lead. This lead slowly started to diminish as the Sequoits allowed Lakes to regroup and get back into the game. Although the boy believed they were prepared for this intense game, they fell short.

“I think our team was prepared and we just fell apart through the game,” junior Dean Brewer said.

Many of the Sequoit basketball players left feeling defeated after Friday night’s game. As the Sequoits were confident coming into this game, they left believing they did not perform as well as they could have. Junior Joel Bulka, acknowledges that the boys basketball team did not perform to their full potential.

“Everyone felt a bit disappointed in themselves and felt like we could have done more,” Bulka said.

The Sequoits hope to hunt down the Eagles when they encounter them next in Eagle territory on Jan. 24. This boys basketball team definitely has more to show throughout the season and there is no doubt the Sequoits will be ready for their next match-up against Lakes. Until then, the boys basketball team looks to gain back their winning streak as they take on the North Chicago Warhawks Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 7 P.M. at North Chicago.