Picking the perfect college

An insight as to what some seniors at Antioch Community High School are looking for in a college.


Elle Ipsen

Senior Leo Vazquez will be attending Iowa State University in fall 2023.

The time of year has come where seniors start stressing about what is after high school. Between picking a major that they can see themselves pursuing and a college that provides the tools for the next few steps of their lives, it can be a really tough decision. Every senior has different characteristics they look for to make themselves feel the most comfortable.

ACHS counselor Genesis Casillas believes the best way to start is by narrowing down your choices and determining how far you may want to go. Students look at how much money in scholarships they are able to receive off of their high school grade point average and SAT score along with what type of education and opportunities the school will provide.

“A fit means something different for everybody. You have to look at all the factors that may filter your choices,” Casillas said.

Senior Ryan Emering is one of the few who has already selected his college for the next 4 years. Emering will be attending Arizona State University. He wanted ASU to offer him merit scholarships to make the price more reasonable. He also sought qualities like warmth, a notable marketing school, along with fun intramurals and activities.

“I really liked the urban setting and the weather down south,” Emering said. “ASU just linked with everything I wanted.”

Senior Leo Vazquez will be attending Iowa State at the beginning of the fall semester. Many of Vazquez’s reasons for selecting Iowa State were because of the substantial engineering programs, the marching band and the suburban feel of the college. As soon as Vazquez stepped foot on campus, he knew he loved the school.

“It felt like fate because my tour guide was an engineer and in the marching band,” Vazquez said. “I got to have a conversation with him about everything I wanted to know.”

The best way to pick a college is by visiting the campus. Everyone is different so one really needs to see if they like it for themselves. Search for colleges that provide strong programs within an intended major. Start looking for considerable qualities within each option. Everyone’s college experience is based on themselves.