Port of Blarney Hosts Annual Job Fair

The restaurant and bar hosted their annual hiring event to find summer help.

The outside of the Port of Blarney at the job fair on March 9th.

Port of Blarney in Antioch, Il. hosted their annual job fair March 9. The restaurant is seeking to hire help at the Port of Blarney restaurant and bar, as well as Blarney’s Island during the summer. The restaurant is offering job positions for those 16 and older, as servers and outdoor workers. If applicants are 18 or older, there are even more positions available, such as bartending and security.

“When you’re here, you’re out in the sun, you see boats, you see bands, we always have national acts coming in,” assistant bar manager Mike Duggan said. “It’s a great place to be when out of school, and we’ll be open seven days a week this year.”

Port of Blarney will hopefully prove a good working environment for teens or adults, considering all of the events during the season. This upcoming summer, employees can look forward to working at the Key West Fest throughout June, Blarney Gras in July and Fantasy Fest in August. Other entertaining events on the Chain of Lakes include boat races every Thursday night and fishing tournaments for kids.

Other than events, workers can look forward to a brand new atmosphere. The Port of Blarney will gain new owners this summer and will go through a remodel for a whole new look.

“I’ve been doing this work awhile and I love the place,” Duggan said. “The employees are always friendly and really fun to be around, it’s all just one big family.”

Those unable to make the job fair can still get an application for Blarney’s before it opens on May 18. The family feel, fun summer events and positive environment is something to strongly consider for those over 16 who still seek a summer job.