Powerball Players Strike It Big

Unprecedented lottery prize divided among winners.

Jason Wood

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May 11, 2018

One in 292 million; those were the odds of winning last week’s powerball. Three lucky now-millionaires were able to beat the less-likely-than-getting-hit-by-a-meteor odds and win around 325 million dollars each. Asides from the high rollers, eight ticket holders won two million and 73 ticket holders won one million. One of the lucky ticket holders have come forward; however, all the stores from which the tickets were purchased have announced their winning tickets. The three tickets were purchased in California, Tennessee and Florida. In Tennessee, couple John and Lisa Robinson declared they plan to pay off debt with their winnings.

“I believe people are looking for an easy way to get rich,” sophomore Cameron Norris said. “There are so many get rich quick schemes out there, this is just the most well known one. 

While he does consider it an easy way to get rich, he doesn’t deny that purchasing a ticket this year was tempting.

“My mom usually hates the idea of gambling, but with the payout being as high as it was, she had to buy at least one ticket,” Norris said.