Prom 2016: A Night to Remember

Sequoits were brought back to the Roaring '20s for prom.

Last Saturday, Sequoits were taken back into the Roaring ‘20s for this year’s prom. Black and gold elements decorated Grand Geneva Resort’s ballroom, along with items characteristic of the ‘20s.  

“They captured the theme of the 1920s, the whole era,” junior Lanie Neumann said. “I think the place was decorated really well.”

Toward the end of the night, the coronation of Prom King and Queen took place. After the reintroduction of last year’s King and Queen, seniors Tim Faltermeier and Darien Shatley, the 2016 King and Queen were announced as juniors Sean Bering and Brooke Menzies.

“I’m pretty psyched,” Bering said. “I didn’t think I was going to win. There were other people that I thought would’ve won it over me, but it was a good surprise.”

Some non-seniors who attended the event this year plan to attend again next year because it was a nice break from the stress of final exams and AP tests.

“I just liked being with all my friends,” junior Emma Miller said. “It felt really good. It was a nice stress reliever. I definitely plan to go next year.”