Talent, music, dancing, singing and don't forget Mr. Scruffles!

Ian Flatley


Christina Michaels

Photos by Christina Michaels.

Christina Michaels, Tom Tom Staff

The Mr. ACHS pageant on Feb. 26 was a very entertaining show to watch with all of the fun and creative skits performed. The contestants in the classic Antioch Community High School contest were seniors Matt Stiglic, Nathan Almaria, Andre Rivera, Grant Hackeloer, Nate Kordas, Justice Gordon, Tommy Castino, RJ Ruano and Dakota Daniels.

All of the contestants contributed to the fun and entertaining atmosphere that the audience loved. Sadly, in the end, there could only be one winner. The top 4 contestants were Stiglic, Almaria, Rivera and Hackeloer. In addition to the top four, Ruano won Mr. Congeniality and Almaria won Mr. Talent, thanks to his dance moves. Stiglic was awarded with Runner-Up due to his creative performances. Last but not least, Rivera was crowned with the title of Mr. ACHS because of his amazing talents with a spoken word, along with singing and playing the guitar.

All in all, Mr. ACHS was a huge success thanks to all of the boys’ fun and creative performances.