Record Players: Trend or Official Comeback?

Vinyl is back and a hit with the younger generation of music listeners.

Forget the newest iPod, your favorite CD or Spotify, vinyl record players are back and being swept off thrift shop and music store shelves. The record player, originating in the classic 1800s, is not by any means an invention of this decade, but is now in the spotlight and is competing heavily against other music forms. Adopted by the hipster teenagers of today, the record player has creeped back into the rooms of music lovers, and at a hefty price.  Big name companies, like Crosley and Audio Technica, are pricing the ancient MP3 player anywhere from $50 to over $300. It takes the listener back to the way “your parents used to listen to music” and offers a different sensation from the typical headphone deal. But, with the price, is the sound quality any better? This is continually debated between music experts and shoppers, and, ultimately, is completely opinion based. Do you prefer the harsh bass in your ears or the raw tracks of a record scraping? Portability or aesthetic physical appeal? Whatever the case, the music industry is sucking up this chance to produce their content in different forms. For example, Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Arctic Monkey’s AM, both are available on vinyl, as well as most popular albums on the charts.

Senior Serena Chapa said, “I think they are very cool and great for collecting, but I do not think they will make a full comeback, as they are more of a collectors item and are impractical in today’s technological age.”

Vinyl record players and records are available at trendy stores, like Urban Outfitters and Guitar Center, as well as your local thrift and music shops. As of right now, this oldie is not going to steal Apple‘s income or become a must-have item, but has a historic edge and rock vibe that is appealing to the masses and will continue to pop up throughout the years in music.