Remembering the True Meaning Behind Thanksgiving

Many people tend to overlook what Thanksgiving is meant to represent.

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Remembering the True Meaning Behind Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is celebrated by many. This holiday brings families together so that they can spend time with one another and be thankful for the fact that they get the chance to be surrounded by those they love. Although this is the point of Thanksgiving, it is often times overlooked and forgotten.

“To me, Thanksgiving means time to spend with your family,” sophomore Kiara Morris said. “We also play games while eating a ton of food. My favorite [foods] are turkey, potatoes and stuffing.”

It’s easy to forget to be thankful for what one has and just dive into the prepared meals and desert. Lots of people think Thanksgiving is all about the food and nothing else where in fact it is really a time for appreciating all the good things life brings.

“Thanksgiving also means that I get to see my family again,” sophomore Kyle Miller said. “I’m able to enjoy food with my loved ones and spend time with my closest relatives.”

Family will always be there for one another which is something to be thankful for. The food that is received on Thanksgiving Day is another thing to be thankful for because of the fact that they are able to eat a lot of food with the people they love.

“I definitely forget that I should be thinking about what I’m thankful for,” Morris said. “I guess when I’m with my family, it just doesn’t cross my mind.”

Although some people don’t recognize the true meaning of Thanksgiving, there are still some people who do think about what the holiday truly means to them.

“Thanksgiving to me is a special time of the year,” Miller said. “It means the weather is getting colder and it’s wrestling season, which is something I’m thankful for. I feel like this holiday just allows me to reflect on what’s important to me.”

Thanksgiving is a time to remember what everyone has and be grateful for everything that comes a person’s way.

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