The Reality Of Cheer

The cheer documentary on Netflix represents what it really takes to be a national cheer champion.

Maggie Quirke

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The documentary has been receiving positive reviews and is popular among the students at ACHS.

The Cheer documentary on Netflix is a portrayal of life as a cheerleader. Cheer shows how much work and dedication a cheerleader has to put in during a performance and practice. Not only does it show behind the scenes of a cheerleader, it is also very binge-worthy. 

“I don’t cheer but I heard everyone talking about the show and decided to watch it,” junior Kiara Morris said. “It was so good, I couldn’t stop watching.” 

The show is interesting because it can be relatable to an athlete. The cheerleaders in the show will do anything for their team. The six episode show is easy to finish in one sitting because it is so interesting. 

“I don’t cheer anymore, but watching the show put me back into what practice feels like,” sophomore Faith Lacerba said. “A lot of people don’t realize how hard we work in practice.”

The show is very realistic. It is not like most reality shows where situations are exaggerated. The cheer documentary doesn’t base the series around the cheerleader stereotype. It shows the blood, sweat and tears everyone on the team contributes in order to win.  

“I finished the show in two days,” Lacerba said. “The stories each athlete shares about themselves makes the show more personal and intriguing.” 

The series adds personal information about kids on the team to make the watcher relate more. Thus adds so much to the show because the stories are not played up and are true heartfelt stories told by the athletes. 

This documentary is truly interesting and amazing. “Cheer” is a way to get perspective on how much hard work cheerleaders put in.