Saying Goodbye to Childish Gambino

Donald Glover may be calling it quits in the music industry, but will be pursuing his dream as an actor.

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Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, was on “The Today Show” on the morning of Feb. 25, where he announced that his rapping career may soon be coming to an end.

In addition to rapping, Glover is a famous actor, and formerly starred on the TV show, “Community.” Now, Glover wants to focus on expanding his acting career.

Antioch Community High School senior Cody Phillips said, “[Glover] still has a TV show, so he’s still going to have money.”

On”The Today Show,” Glover revealed there is a chance he could have a role in the new Spiderman movie. In addition to being a part of the hit superhero movie, he promoted his new movie, “The Lazarus Effect,” while on the show.

Glover said he wanted to “focus on something more meaningful,” which could include stopping his production music.

Though some fans dwell on the fact that Childish Gambino’s music will be no more, they can still get the chance to see their favorite artist acting on the big screen.