Seals Have Feelings Too!

Adorable seal leaps onto boat to save its life!

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Lauren Bluthardt

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Seals Have Feelings Too!

A video posted by Kirk Fraser on YouTube has swamped the internet with cute memes and adorable clips that can make anyone’s day better.

The video depicts a seal narrowly avoiding death as a group of killer whales surrounds it. Kirk and his family did not expect the little seal to hop on the boat that made the video even more heart wrenching.

“All of a sudden it is between the engines, with whales all around under the boat. Then the seal jumped on the boat. It was madness,” Fraser said (ABCNews).

Of course the whales could have damaged the boat, but saving a seal from the jaws of a whale seemed to make their day. Off the coast of British Columbia, seals are known to be healthy and thriving, according to the website WhalesVancouver.

Make sure to send this video to your friends to cheer them up. No one can resist that precious face!



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