Sequoit Volleyball Dominates Highland Park

The Lady Sequoits show no mercy with a strong offensive outing to get the victory.

Branden Gallimore

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Junior Skylar Loos jump-serves the ball in a win against Highland Park.

Kaylee Schreiner

Junior Skylar Loos jump-serves the ball in a win against Highland Park.

The girls Varsity volleyball team traveled to Highland park, August 31, looking for a win and they did just that. The lady Sequoits swept the Highland Park Giants 2-0 in the best of three matches, mostly due to their strong offensive play.

The lady Sequoits won their first two matches of the night by big margins. In the first match they come out strong with a 25-18 win. As they continued to play at their best they finished off the Lady Giants with a 25-17 win ending the game in two matches.

The main source for this strong offensive play was from junior Kennedy Moll, who dominated with her serves. In the first match Moll started off  with a five serve streak. She continued this high intensity play into the second match with serve streak of six.

“Everyday we work on serving and receiving the serves,” Moll said. “These are our main focuses in order to win games.”

To win games is not the only goal for the team this season.

“Our main goals for this season is to keep our play constant and have a chance to win regionals.”  Moll said. With the record they hold so far this season the girls believe a chance to make it to regionals is within their reach.