Spicing Up Snapchat

New update on Snapchat creates confusion for users.

photo by: Jessica Guzman

photo by: Jessica Guzman

Over the passed few months America’s favorite selfie-obsessed app has undergone a number of changes, including advertised articles, chat with friends and a Facetime-like feature. However, it’s the newest change that has members most confused.

On Monday, April 6, Snapchat added the ability to use emojis as symbols in a snap. The changes are described as the following:

The yellow heart is when both friends are each other’s #1 best friend.

The anxious face is when your #1 best friend on Snapchat is also their #1 best friend.

The shades face is when one of your best friends is also one of their best friends.

The smirky face is when you’re their best friend but they are not yours.

And lastly, the fire emoji is when you both have been snapping for multiple days.

With these new emoji features it will be interesting to see what you are to your friends on Snapchat. Especially now that one cannot see other’s Snapchat best friends. Hopefully with the explained emojis it clears up some confusion going on with “what means what” and you can enjoy using Snapchat again without asking your friend what’s going on.