SPOILER ALERT: Movie Review: Halloween

Serial killer, Micheal Myers escapes from the asylum and is out to get younger sister.


Serial killer, Micheal Myers escapes from his asylum.

“Halloween,” directed by David Gorden Green, was released on October 19, 2018 and is the new slasher thriller that many people were excited for and could not wait to watch. “Halloween” is about a serial killer named Michael Myers who murdered his whole family when he was six years old. Then, he was sent away to an asylum. After 40 years, he broke out and is coming after his younger sister, Laurie.

Michael’s sister, Laurie Strode, has prayed every night that Michael would escape because she wanted to kill him. Her dream came true one night when Michael was being transferred between asylums, the bus broke down and he escaped. Michael then began his killing spree on Halloween night. In the end, Michael finds his younger sister and the family killings begin.

“The movie was actually pretty good,” senior Michael Espitia said. “I would recommend watching the new Halloween movie even though it’s not really scary, [but] it was still a good movie.”

Overall, horror fans enjoyed the movie and claimed it was worth seeing if one wants to enjoy a good scary movie. 

“The movie was pretty good and scary and had a good plot behind it,” junior Jackson Devaughn said. “I definitely think they should make another one because they left us with a cliffhanger and made me want more.”