Spring Nail Colors

As Spring approaches, it is time to change up nail colors to match!


Clay Vesser

Spring Nails

Nothing completes a girl more than her nails. This spring, pamper yourself a little and lighten up your nail color. Here are a few ideas:

  • Light Purple/Lavender- Easter is coming soon, but it is never too early to show off lavender nails. Both shiny and matte purple nails are perfect for spring.

Senior Jatiyah Childs said, “Purple is my favorite spring nail color. I actually just had this color and got so many compliments. I like changing my color up every other week or so to keep them looking good.”

  • Blush/Light Pink- These light colors go great with every outfit on any given day. Pink is a fun, bright color for any girly girl.
  • Yellow- A pale, light yellow is becoming more and more popular. Yellow is a positive color that can brighten any girl’s day. This color is sure to make a statement.
  • Nude/Beige- Neutral colors, such as nude, tan and even light brown, go with anything and are in fashion more than ever. Nude nails are nothing short of classy.
  • Green/Navy- Not every spring nail color has to be light! Both navy blue and emerald green are great nail color choices, and both would look even better with a matte overlay.
  • Brighten up your nails and it might even brighten up your day. Change is good, and a girl can never treat herself too much!