Spring SEZN

New seasons bring new style.

Spring SEZN

Natasha Reid

With so many styles coming back this year, it’s easier than ever to find one that matches your “look,” or even to create your own. The most popular urban styles still include casual chic and high fashion pieces, but that doesn’t mean young adults can’t add in a bit of grunge or show some risky skin. This year’s colors are all about getting back to nature by bring out the nude, pink, cream, blue and green tones. Each color has millions of shades and ways to pair them for the perfect spring outfit.

Pastels have been one of the most frequent tones recently, but this spring, try them in a new style. Rather than throwing on a soft toned dress, try a bomber jacket over a T-shirt for a casual yet stylish look. When it comes to the new sporty, on-the-go look, pairing running shoes with a pair of leggings is a quick way to get out the door. Add a graphic tee with a soft denim jacket for a more put together look, with or without makeup. Ripped jeans have been a style piece since the late’ 80s and continue to be in the 21st century.

Another trend this season is footwear. You can still rock those Adidas and Nike sneakers, but as the weather warms up, try adding a short heeled sandal or cut boot. If you are going for a nicer look this season, try finding a lace up heel or ballet flat.

April showers bring May flowers, so for this rainy season be sure to grab a pair of rainboots. They’re easy to pair with any fitted leg pant and layers can be added by wearing long socks to compliment the colors. Windbreakers are also a nice trend this season, by bringing back the ‘90s feel. Of course, new ones from athletic stores are cute, but try digging around thrift stores or your dad’s closet to find the perfect retro piece.

Boy’s spring style is on a whole different level this year with a frat boy style. Chubbies are on the rise along with Vineyard Vines. Spring for guys is like a mix of fall and summer. Pairing a long sleeve with shorts and bringing along a quarter zip is the perfect outfit for a colder day. For Antioch boys, it seems that rainy days mean khakis and sneakers or a dark pair of joggers. Eyewear this season has also gone back in time, with the circle lense making a comeback this year.