Staff Editorial: Bathroom Behavior is Stalling Sequoits’ Success

What happens in the bathroom, isn’t staying in the bathroom.

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Addiction overpowers everything, even when it comes to consequences. When Sequoits are caught vaping or smoking in the restrooms, their punishment doesn’t seem to phase them. Is it because the punishment doesn’t fit the crime? Or, is it because their addiction blinds their natural instinct to stop what they’re doing wrong?

When you put things into perspective, the incidents occurring in the bathrooms are considered crimes; it’s illegal to smoke anything if you’re under the age of 18; it’s illegal to smoke anything on school grounds. Even though the school sent out numerous emails and other forms of communication in regards to this situation, and banned certain restrooms, Sequoits will always find another way to feed their habit.

Let’s clarify some things: when we mention addiction, we aren’t just referring to nicotine, tobacco or marijuana; we believe the thrill of being caught is another reason why students put themselves in the place of being a “criminal” in the eyes of the school. Both the students and the district know that these students will never be referred to as criminals, however, because the school’s bark is certainly bigger than its bite.

As for the vandalism, we cannot understand, nor do we condone, why destroying property afforded to us is something that seems desirable. We, as a staff, are rarely left speechless when it comes to school events, but recent bathroom happenings have left us without an explanation. It’s one of the only places with true privacy in the entire building, and here we are making a skate park out of it. For the students that think they can outsmart the administrators, maybe you are; however, you can’t outsmart the rest of the students.

Sequoit to Sequoit, we all know who the kids are that vape in the bathrooms and write names on the walls, yet we all stand mute in fear of the consequences of being a “tattle tale.” No one wants to be the reason another student gets “in trouble,” but if no one is to blame, then these issues will never cease. Soon, there won’t be any privacy in the restrooms; only for a clogged toilet filled with excuses the school has to make to quiet down the talk of the town.

With all this smoke, there’s a fire nearby and no one to put it out. The three pillars of the school are respect, responsibility and pride; and, as of right now, all of us are abusing those words.

Actions speak louder than words, Sequoits, and the actions of some are causing the rest of us to pay the price of your addiction.