With tradition and visibility for all.

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I pledge allegiance to the Sequoits of Antioch, Ill., and to the tradition for which it stands…

For as long as it has stood, 104 years to be exact, Antioch Community High School has been a place of tradition. It’s an institution that has upheld the same values to this day; however, it seems that in the past 104 years, these values have never been morally challenged. How is it that our tradition is to support one another, yet the same tradition tells us to only support one thing? As a staff, we too have contributed to the problem: we are traditionalists.

When it comes to Sequoit sports, the inequality of tradition can be seen from afar. Anyone knows that within the school, football and boys basketball are the most recognized sports. They are the only sports you have to pay to attend. Along with this, they get the biggest fan sections, Cardinal Crazy themes, cheerleaders and they get more advertising than anyone else. Our program has even failed numerous times to provide these “lesser promoted” sports the time, attention and publicity they deserve. We’ve failed tennis. We’ve failed cross country. We’ve failed the marching band. This isn’t news to anybody, but why does everyone seem to be okay with it, even if we are so conscious of it? What puts one sport above the other? Is it the sport itself or the people in it? Is it the financial funds? Or tradition? We think that it’s tradition; it’s always been this way.

If football went to state, there would be no state walk. There would probably be a parade.

Girls tennis went to state and the doubles team made history. Their state walk comes a week after they had already competed.

The boys basketball season has not even started, and yet we already hear talks about it all over school.

Girls cross country just qualified for sectionals and have gotten zero recognition.

We want this to change. In order to have a fully supportive school, we cannot put one sport above the other. Athletes should be encouraging one another to be supportive of other sports; at the end of the day, they all have the same symbol on their uniform. The goal is not to compete with Sequoit sports, but to build a support system that sees no limit. Imagine if all football players went to a girls soccer game, just once. Imagine the impact the girls soccer team would feel. Imagine if the golf team actually had a fan section. Imagine if we all supported each other—what a tradition that would be.

The truth is that a major reason as to why more people show up to the football and basketball games is because they’re a social event. From our experience, we know that most of the fan section aren’t there to cheer. We’d be surprised if half of the fan section could understand the last play that was made. Even when the stands are packed, the volume of the cheers is far from what it should be.

To the fans: your presence isn’t enough. If you’re only there as a social event rather than to actively participate and feel the school spirit, you’re doing it wrong. Realize that it’s not embarrassing to show support, to show you care, to show you are a Sequoit. This goes for every fan and every athlete.

To the athletes: if you get a fan section at your games, realize how fortunate you are and don’t take it for granted. Realize that the support you are getting should be returned. If you’re not getting a fan section, change starts with you. Invite other teams; support other teams that are in the same place you are.

To everyone: stop following old traditions and start making new ones.

…one community under the Antioch A, indivisible, with tradition and visibility for all.