Starting With Strikes

The bowling team looks forward to starting this season of strong.


Last year’s bowling team was a big role model for this years team.

The bowling team is excited to play in their first tournament of the season against Zion-Benton, Johnsburg, McHenry, New Trier, North Chicago, St. Edward and Waukegan on Saturday, November 24, at Sunset Lanes at 9:00 a.m. The team looks to start off their season right at this tournament.

The Sequoits has been working together to get better even though they bowl separately. They feel it is important to be one and succeed together.

“We’ve been preparing by practicing everyday for two hours and bowling like crazy,” sophomore Alyssa Olson said.

The team has been very welcoming to the new athletes and freshman which allows them to be closer and support one another.

“All the girls are super nice and very supportive being that I’m a freshman and learning how it all works,” freshman Allyssa Tanner said. “I think that will be very important to how we perform.”

With all the preparation and excitement going into the new season, the team looks to be even better than last year and go beyond their previous achievements.

“Everyone should expect the season to start with a bang,” junior Allison Kane said. “We had a very good season last year and everyone is striving to have an even better season this year. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing how the team can improve and to see the team all come together.”

Moving into this weekend’s tournament, the bowlers want to use the coaching they’ve received in their past few days of practice to the best of their advantage as they start of the new season.

“As a whole team, I think our team will bowl very well and everyone will keep a positive mindset,” Kane said.

Overall, the team has the expectation for everyone to bowl well and that everyone will support each other in the process.

“The team works together and [gives] it their all and most importantly, [has] fun,” Tanner said.

This years bowling team has a positive mindset regarding this Saturday’s meet and beyond. They are prepared to start strong and have fun while doing it.