Stepping Into Fall on the Right Foot

With the cold weather of fall and winter coming soon, there isn't much time left to do memorable activities with friends.

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Stepping Into Fall on the Right Foot

Before it’s too late, camping is a great way to end the summer season in a fun and adventurous way. There are many campgrounds where people can participate in fun activities and events, especially around this time of year. However, most don’t even need to leave the backyard to have fun camping. Here are a few different activities to try for the next camping trip:

  1. Watch movies on a DIY projector

There are many extremely cheap and easy ways to make a projector to watch outdoor movies. You can watch your favorite movies with your best friends under the stars. Instructions to make your very own projector can be found at with just a shoe box, magnifying glass, and cellphone.

  1. Try campfire recipes

Favorite candy and treats are a must-have, but get a bit more creative to make easy campfire treats. There are many unique and easy treats found online, and adding fun things to s’mores like bacon or replacing graham crackers with cookies are simple and delicious new treats.

  1. Take a nature walk

Bring a camera or Polaroid when going hiking or exploring to take pictures of wildlife.

“My favorite thing to do when I go camping is talking walks and hiking. It makes me relaxed and I always bring a camera along to take pictures of the beautiful views I find,” junior Kristen Taylor said.

  1. Release sky lanterns

Sky lanterns are beautiful when released at night,. However, depending on your location, they could be banned due to the risk of starting forest fires. A cheap yet fun alternative to sky lanterns are LED light up balloons, which are environmentally friendly. There is no worry of starting fires and they still have the same beautiful effect of lighting up the sky.

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