Storytellers Series: Sunjacket

These storytellers took a drive on I-94 to perform live for Antioch Community High School students.


Jake Ilkka

The Chicago-based band Sunjacket prepared for their performance before second period.

Starting off the final day of Storyteller’s Series, Chicago band Sunjacket performed live for students in the first and second period of the day. The band consisted of Bryan Kveton, Carl Hauck and Garret Bodette filling out the sound of their music.

The group played three songs from memory and created a fourth on the fly with recommendations from the crowd. The band used their full arsenal of instruments while performing, ranging from a synthesizer to a full drum kit.

The three songs performed were described as works in progress for their next album, planned to release in June. The group had previously released one album, titled “MANTRA,” that came out in 2016. Since that release, no new music has come out from Sunjacket.

According to Spotify, Sunjacket had only ten streams with 37 minutes of songs played throughout the drought of songs in 2018. Spotify also highlighted the group’s most popular song from their last album as “No One’s Around You.”

The show went on with few hiccups, mostly centered around the synthesizer. This never kept the crowd out of the music though, as the energy stayed high throughout each song. Sophomore Ty McGuire saw Sunjacket perform during his first period and enjoyed every second.

“They add a lot of interesting layering in the synthesizer,” McGuire said. “There vocals are unlike anything in modern music, and [their music] is very uplifting and nice to hear.”

In between the songs, Sunjacket shared their stories about how they got into music and their formation as a band. All members recounted their early starts into music with piano and guitars. Each shared his path to his current career and the state of their career at the current moment.

Sunjacket set the pace for the other performers of the day to follow and managed to swing a crowd of groggy students into excitement by the end of their performance.