Student Leadership Life

Interact Club is a new way to branch out into local communities

Students at both Antioch and Lakes Community High School are offered the opportunity to join Interact Club where students find a way to become more involved within their own community and learn how to grow their leadership skills. 

“There are Interact Clubs all around the world and it is part of the Rotary International,” Interact Club advisor Andrew Seketa said. 

Interact Club members take part in working with a diverse group of students and community members.

“Each year, students in Interact Club complete local and international service projects, attend community events and meet with local community leaders,” Seketa said. 

The Interact Club has been very successful in the past and they are hoping to better themselves even more this year.

“While we have had some very strong service projects in the past; this year we’re hoping to infuse more guest speakers and field trips for members,” Seketa said.

Interact Club is always open for new people to join. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on the daily announcements!