Supporting a local business: Fall at Little Bean

November is the best time to indulge in some fall drinks, and what better to do so than support a local business as well. Little Bean has all the drinks needed for this fall season.


Hannah Gaydovchik

Along with having festive flavors, Little Bean also has merchandise available for purchase.

The local Antioch business, Little Bean, has its fall menu in full swing, but only for a limited time. Not only are the drinks delicious, but Little Bean is a great small business to support, and it is right off Main Street.

Little Bean, formerly known as Cafe Book, was bought, renamed and is now owned by Angela Burns as of May 2018. This woman-owned business has since boomed and is now a hot spot for all kinds of people. Burns explains that she tries to make Little Bean a welcoming place for everyone—a home away from home.

“We are a big supporter of the third place ideal, which means we’re not home or work, but a third place where you can go and work, relax or visit with friends,” Burns said.

Oftentimes upon entering the business, some people are working on projects for school or jobs. Because of its calming atmosphere, Little Bean is a go-to place for many high school students.

Senior Mackenzie Carley frequently visits Little Bean because of their drinks and quality study spaces. Carley believes they have such a good outreach with students, specifically high schoolers, because of their tranquil surroundings.

“There are lots of places to study, and of course, there is caffeine for those days when you have a lot of homework to do,” Carley said. “It’s just a great spot to get some studying and work done while still having a good time.”

In fact, many of the students who go to Little Bean state that they really appreciate the safe and relaxing environment. Senior Kinsey Delgado tends to go to Little Bean when she is in need of a calming atmosphere, which is why she remains a customer of the business.

“It’s peaceful; a very warm environment is the best way to describe it,” Delgado said. “You just feel at home and very safe.”

Little Bean has all the fall drinks you would imagine; Burns shares her personal favorite fall drink they supply at her business.

“I like the dirty pumpkin,” Burns said. “It’s the pumpkin chai, but you add espresso to it, so you get the coffee but still the tea. I can do that one hot or iced; it’s very good.”

Pumpkin flavoring headlines most cafes during the fall season, and Little Bean is not one to shy away from the pumpkin craze. At Little Bean, the pumpkin chai latte is the most popular fall drink, alongside their pumpkin spice lattes.

“I’m a personal fan of the iced pumpkin spice latte,” Carley said. “It’s a classic and never gets old.”

The fall menu at Little Bean will not be around for much longer. Stop in to support a local business and grab a festive drink.