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People of all genders can sit down and read a good book together, no matter the genre.

Books Are For Everyone

December 17, 2018

It’s hard to believe that even in the 21st century there are still gender stereotypes; however, some...

20 Page Turning Novels

20 Page Turning Novels

August 29, 2018

Abraham Lincoln is best known for being the 16th president of the United States, however, he was also a ...

Relaxing Rainy Day Ideas

Kayla Grenke, Tom Tom Staff

August 23, 2018

With the chilly fall storm season quickly approaching and school kicking into full gear it seems almost impossible to have fun and have time relax yourself. Sometimes the smallest things can make a big impact on your mood and energy levels on a cold and rainy day. Treat yourself to a face mask, there are thousands of options fo...

ILC Hall of Fame Announced

ILC Hall of Fame Announced

April 16, 2015

Society today is conquered by teens on their phones and social media apps. All eyes glued on Twitter...

5 Best Books You'll Ever Read

5 Best Books You’ll Ever Read

November 3, 2014

Now a days most people Tweet, Instagram or post on social media as a way of having fun. What teenagers...

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