Taste At A Cost

Different types of Asian Restaurants are prevalent within Lake County, which is your favorite?

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Taste At A Cost


A place that is often missed based on its location is Chopstix in Lindenhurst, Ill. Though it is not a very popular place to eat, it has been one of the restaurants I have come to like in the area. Chopstix is nothing like Asian Harbor or Tsukasa. It doesn’t have flashy Asian culture or the calming music that is heard in restaurants like Asian Harbor. It seems to be more of a place for a quick lunch or dinner, for those who are busy multiple days throughout the week.

“Chopstix is a nice restaurant to choose when its a last minute decision to eat chinese,” senior Vincent Roszkowiak said. “It’s quick and cheap when you dine in, so that’s always a plus when choosing a restaurant.”

Chopstix does not offer sushi. It is more of a fast food version of chinese food since it has the option for delivery to one’s house. One of my personal favorites is the chicken lo mein with fried rice on the side. What I like about Chopstix is that even though it’s not the nice, fancy, chinese restaurant, it provides a warming feeling when I decide to dine in with my friends or family. The cost is very cheap and the food comes out almost instantly after ordering it.


Asian Harbor 

While it might not get the recognition it deserves, Asian Harbor is one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in Antioch. Not only does it provide a calming state to enjoy dinner with family or friends, but the service is exceptional. When ordering my food I realized that the price on the menu was a little expensive but it was well worth the money. Some say that Asian Harbor provides some of the best sushi in the area. Although Asian Harbor is known for their sushi, it’s not for everyone- especially someone like me not being a fan of it. It tends to draw attention to itself by staying relatively on brand by having options that contain the asian culture, but also having options applicable to those who have different tastes.

“The sushi has been really good every time I have gone there,” senior Grace Roberts said. “ I don’t really like the sushi from anywhere else because it just doesn’t taste as good as it does from Asian Harbor.”

If you’re looking for an Asian restaurant that is close in proximity and tends to be a little expensive, Asian Harbor is the restaurant to choose.


Tsukasa of Tokyo 

The famous Tsukasa of Tokyo is located in Vernon Hills, Ill. It is a common attraction for family dinners along with being a place for gathering of friends. One aspect that I had heard of originally was that when preparing food, the chefs cook it right in front of you on the flat top grill. The chefs will take requests along with putting on a show for their audience. When watching, it was more than just a nice dinner with my family, we had to share a table with another family so we got to meet new people throughout our time at dinner. While you enjoy time with your family or friends, you get to speak with new people, making the experience that more enjoyable.

“I like the atmosphere that Tsukasa provides,” senior Rachel Ustich said. “I go there with my friends often and the food they serve is amazing in my opinion.”

While the food is amazing and worth the money, the time it takes to prepare the food often takes too long. If you’re looking for a reason to dress up and look nice for a night out with your family and friends, then Tsukasa is the way to go.