The Experience of an Only Child

The differences between spending a life with no brothers or sisters or always being surrounded by people.


Growing up with siblings is an experience that many people have, but some will never know what that is like.

“Not having a brother or a sister can be really boring because you have no one but your parents to talk to,” sophomore Ava Pratt said. “On top of that, all of the pressure from your parents is only focused on you, and that can be stressful at times.”

Not having siblings may sometimes be boring. Not having anyone close in age to always talk to can be hard for anyone, but most people have their parents to talk to. Being an only child may also be stressful in other ways. Pratt feels the stress of not having her parents’ attention split amongst multiple childeren; instead, her parents only focus on her at all times. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on the way one looks at it.

“It can be nice at the same time,” Pratt said. “You get lots of alone and quiet time, and you don’t have to share anything.”

Although having alone time may be appreciated, some people enjoy having brothers and sisters.

“For me, having sisters is a blessing and a curse,” sophomore Aidan Weir said. “My sisters may bug and annoy me, but I love them to death and wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

For some, having someone who is there for them unconditionally is a great feeling. Having brothers and sisters is an unbreakable lifelong bond.

“I enjoy having brothers and sisters because I can always go to them when I need them, and always trust them,” freshman Faith LaCerba said. “Having a mix of older and younger siblings is great because I get to experience many different things with them.”

Siblings can be great to have, but being an only child may make it easier to become close with one’s parents and also to spend quality time with them.

“I’m extremely close to my mom and dad,” Pratt said. “Not having siblings means I don’t have to compete for my parents’ attention and because of that, we do everything together.”

Being an only child often makes one feel closer to their parents than they may otherwise. Because of this, their parents’ attention will be on the only child always.

“The best thing is, there is no competition for my parents’ love,” sophomore Kylee Craig said. “They love me and care for me and I never have to worry about anything being unfair.”

Whether one has siblings or not, the important thing is to see the upside of any situation.