The Importance of Goal Setting

No matter how big or small a goal is, everyone needs goals in their life to better their future.


Setting goals is very common among people in today’s society. Whether it be trying to lose weight, make a team, get a promotion, or even for students, get a good grade on a paper, everyone strives for something better. It is a desired result that many will set for themselves to better their future, but why is setting goals so important? 

Setting goals gives direction.

Setting a goal for oneself can create a pathway to better themselves. Goals can teach a person work ethic and determination to keep working towards something that is achievable. Senior Jillian Moffat explains why setting goals for herself helps her get through each day.

“I use bullet journaling to set and keep track of goals for myself,” Moffat said. “I often make small goals for myself like drinking eight glasses of water each day and then I have bigger goals like not procrastinating throughout the semester.”

Goals give you control of your future.

While setting a goal for oneself, one can gain a direction on where to go. It can also put the future in the hands of the person setting goals. Anyone can be capable of changing their future or working to make it better. 

“When you have your own future in your possession it is satisfying because you can choose anything you aspire to be,” senior Hannah Moll said. “You can be you, and not follow anyone’s set of guidelines. You get to explore and figure out who you are.”

If a person does not have the desire or willingness to create a goal for themselves, then it can be harder to work towards a goal because of the lack of motivation it takes to achieve a desired target.

Achieving goals gives you a feeling of fulfillment.

“It feels good achieving my goals because I am building on and bettering the person I was before,” Moll said. “It reassures myself that I am capable of anything I set my mind to.”

Reaching that ultimate goal can often be the greatest feeling one can experience. They have worked for what can feel like weeks, months, or even years and have finally reached what they desired this entire time.