The importance of the sounds of the seasons

Despite the wide debate on when it is appropriate to start listening to the sweet carols, it is inarguably a major part of the holiday.


Aaliyah Lizak

‘Tis the season of good music and great times.

When winter rolls around, so too does the excitement of the holiday season. In between gift-giving and snow angels, there is an important factor that solidifies the joy of the season: music. Because there are not many Hanukkah or Kwanzaa songs, Christmas music like “Silent Night” or “Jingle Bell Rock” usually fills the month of December and there are many different songs that have a different meaning to all their listeners. 

“Christmas music gets me in the spirit,” junior Cailey Miller said. “I think during the wintertime it is really hard for a lot of people to be excited and happy about things, but Christmas music can be a huge highlight; I love it.”

Music can bring a kind of happiness to a dreary, dark and cold winter day that not many other things can. A big message Christmas music exemplifies is a sense of unity and togetherness not often seen throughout the year. This is portrayed through the lyrics of Christmas songs such as “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Even though busy and hectic schedules often keep families apart, Christmas is a time to truly enjoy the company of family and friends. 

“During holiday parties at my cousin’s house, each family would have to sing and perform a Christmas song,” freshman Leilani Saldana said. 

Music takes on its own life, especially during such a magical and meaningful season. For some, it may only be noise behind the scenes, but for others, it correlates with a defining memory that lasts a lifetime. 

“My favorite memory involving Christmas music is putting ornaments up on my tree while listening to Christmas music with my family,” freshman Elle Luebke said. 

Sometimes, just the melodies that promote the Christmas spirit are enough for one’s mood to be lifted. The positivity around this time of year is undeniable and Christmas music is definitely a contributing factor.