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The New Meet the Old

Lakers host their fourth annual alumni game with over 35 alumni lacing the skates back up.
Alumni from Lakers’ first graduating class of 2013 all the way through their most recent class of 2023, with current upperclassmen.

On Dec 21. The Lakers hosted their annual alumni game, where past players come back to play against the team’s current juniors and seniors. This year had the most alumni turnout, with over 35 past players signing up. The returning players included recent graduates from the 2023 season all the way through the team’s first year as a league in 2013. Due to the high number of players, there were two games in total. The first game having alumni players 21 and older against the current team. The second game was for the graduates of 2023, with the juniors and seniors again winning 4-0.

For many of the alumni, considerable time had passed since they laced up their skates. This left their endurance a bit lower than when they used to play, leaving most of the alumni tired after the first game.

“I’m pretty exhausted, but it was good to get back on the ice again,” Lakers and ACHS alumni Ryan Hanes said.

Many of the alumni did not continue playing hockey since their time on the Lakers, but a few continued after graduation. Grayslake North and Lakers alumni Patrick Farca was one of the select few playing hockey at Northern Illinois University. However, Farca sustained an injury during a tryout when he took a hit against the boards that broke two of his vertebrae in his back. This would stop Farca from playing in college; however, he would recover and still play recreationally for past alumni games to catch up with his former teammates.

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“It was good just to see all my teammates and dust off the gear. You know, play a little bit,” Farca said.

Returning to play for the alumni games often brings back memories of their time playing for the Lakers during their high school years.

“Feels pretty good, honestly. You go skating every day for like nine years in a row, and then, you know, then you’re off for nine months. So it feels good,” LCHS alumni Shane Bystrek said.

A total of 35 joining the Lakers hockey team for the alumni game vs. upperclassmen, followed by an alumni vs alumni game.

With the large turnout, many of the alumni players ended up being from the early years of the Lakers, from 2013 to 2017.  With the time passed since they were active players, the alumni game often showcases just how much the game has changed since they put on a Lakers jersey.

“I think it’s more strategic. You know, the breakout looks a lot better, the defensive slot better offense,” Farca said.

While being able to return to the physical sport is the idea behind the alumni games, most of the memories that come back for the alumni are from tournaments and hanging out with the team.

“I miss all the games and the tournaments with all your teammates and stuff like that,” Bystrek said.

All of the alumni also reminisced about their Lakers days as a whole, remembering how the organization brought everyone on the team together.

“It was fantastic; I think I met some friends for life through the organization,” Farca said.

After the first two games had ended, the alumni decided to play a game themselves with the older alumni against the younger alumni, Ending the long night with one last game until the next year. The alumni had a lot of fun playing with their old teammates and having fun like they did in high school.

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Sam Hanes
Sam Hanes, Tom Tom Staff
Sam Hanes is a senior and this is his first year on staff. In his free time, Sam likes to work out, play drums, listen to music, and play hockey for The Lakers. This year, Sam hopes to have a chill and fun year, then go on to attend Illinois State University to play hockey and study kinesiology.
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