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The new prime of sports hydration

Antioch Community High School athletes give their opinion on the two biggest sports hydration drinks.

In 1965, a team of scientists from the University of Florida came together to create a drink to quench athletes’ thirst. This drink is now known world-wide as Gatorade and has reigned supreme as the official sports drink. Since its initial release, Gatorade has only improved and expanded its horizons. Although competitors such as Powerade and Body Armor have grown in popularity over the years, they still lay quietly in the shadow of Gatorade. 


Recently popular YouTubers, Logan Paul and KSI decided to challenge Gatorade by creating their own sports hydration drink known as Prime. Upon the drink’s release in the UK and US in 2022, stores were sold out of the new drink for months due to high demand. Although traction has died down over time, the constant flow of new flavors and products, like the Prime Hydration Sticks, and collaboration flavors with outside companies, has helped keep the up-and-coming drink in the spotlight and off the shelves. 


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Sales between Gatorade and Prime is one factor, but taste is on another level. The competition comes down to which sports hydration drink has the better taste while still hydrating athletes. Gatorade holds the leading advantage with more flavors and types of drinks. Even with similar flavors between the two brands, both drinks hold a unique taste in comparison. Senior Lakers ice hockey player Aydin Zakroczymski contributes his perspective towards the battle of the two sports drinks. Zakroczymski constantly purchases Prime to drink before and after his long practices at the ice rink. 


“I think Prime is better,” Zakroczymski said. “It simply tastes better and Gatorade makes my teeth feel weird.”


Not only is Prime a sports drink, but they have an energy drink as well. Energy drinks contain a large dosage of caffeine in each drink. Prime Energy was released in 2022, which was then followed by Gatorade’s Fast Twitch Energy Drink in 2023. The two companies battle it out in all sorts of markets including: hydration drinks, energy drinks, and hydration sticks. Along with Zakroczymski, senior Jack Holway is also a frequent consumer of Prime. Being a varsity lacrosse player for Antioch Community High School Holway believes Prime is a good drink for sports and is better than Gatorade.


“Prime tastes better and it is really refreshing,” Holway said. “Every time you drink it, it energizes you. It is like the energy drink Monster, but it is a better, healthier version”. 


Although most students cannot agree on whether Prime will surpass Gatorade, the students who heavily favor Gatorade have not tried more than a few sips of Prime. Once Prime has more time to develop and fill the shelves of the local stores, more people will get the chance to try the drink and rate it appropriately. 


Only time will tell whether Prime will get close to surpassing Gatorade. Head to the local grocery store, and try out each drink to make your own decision on which one is better.


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