The Power of Makeup: The Impurities That Face Society

Although makeup can show inner beauty, judging people based on how much makeup they wear is inherently wrong.

People from all around the world are caking their faces with makeup. Makeup nowadays can show inner beauty but can also take a darker turn and make people feel ashamed of how they look naturally.

In a popular social media video, both women and men have applied makeup to only half of their face to show that makeup can transform someone into a whole new person and they are not afraid to show their bare face.

Some people may think that they have to wear makeup to look pretty and that ruins the essential culture of makeup. The true culture makeup allows a person to wear what they want to wear and be who they want to be. Makeup can make people feel like they can conquer the world by simply applying winged eyeliner—a single line of black that runs across the lid and can flare out like a bird’s wing at the end of the eye to create a cat eye effect.

Sophomore Annie Choate enjoys showing off her diverse makeup skills.

“I feel confident wearing makeup,” Choate said. “It brings out some of the features that I already have that [I] might not be confident about.”

Judgment of other people has become a huge problem in society today. Nowadays, people are so fixed on wearing makeup because of insecurities about their imperfections. Makeup can be an amazing confidence booster. Applying makeup takes skill and time, practice makes perfect and talent takes encouragement.

Women often get criticized for trying too hard or not trying enough. Some women who make makeup tutorials on YouTube have gotten thousands of hate comments, dislikes and even viewers unsubscribing. Inner beauty should always be valued over appearance.

The basics of makeup can include face makeup like foundation or concealer and eye makeup like mascara or eyeliner. Girls wake up everyday deciding what makeup look they want to achieve and rock in public. There are millions of ways to do makeup and feel gorgeous but to shame someone for something they love to do is a terrible thing. Makeup can be a face mask, pulling a shield over one’s face to bounce away any negativity from the outside world that can tear them down. It’s okay for someone to keep their face natural and it’s okay for them to wear as much makeup they want. Makeup is an awesome way to express oneself creatively.

While some say that the best makeup is the expensive makeup, others can speak on the quality of low priced makeup. The cost of makeup can overwhelm people who want to try and enhance their makeup skills. There are different brands of makeup to buy, ranging from high end to drugstore.

Makeup can define someone as a person and can put them in a position of strength. People putting a person down should not stop them from being who they want to be. Be a Picasso and paint the canvas.