The Scrunchie Comeback

The popular hair tie from the ‘80s is making the comeback of a lifetime.

Scrunchies, which used to be called bunch bangles, were created in the ‘60s as a way for women to tie back their hair easily. The standard rubber band was not cutting it, as hair would often be tangled and the bands were hard to get out. Because of this, the scrunchie was born, becoming widely used in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

The big, teased hair in the ‘90s helped influence the scrunchie trend. They were primarily made of cotton for comfort, and came in different colors to match any outfit. In addition to the original cotton, scrunchies started to be made of materials such as silk and lace for special occasions and were often dressed up with glitter and gems. While they were popular for a while, scrunchies went out of style after the big hair fad was over.

So, what made the scrunchie suddenly come back after 20 years?

Many girls nowadays are wearing scrunchies instead of the normal hair tie. They claim to like the way scrunchies look around the wrist with an outfit, almost like a bracelet. The comfort of scrunchies along with their loose hold make these hair pieces a common use among many.

“I used to wear rubber bands to tie my hair up,” Spanish teacher Rachel Morales said. “My hairdresser started to notice my hair was breaking where my hair tie went. She suggested using scrunchies because they are soft and don’t damage your hair.”

In school, girls are constantly pulling back their hair, whether it be to get it out of the way for a test, or to run the mile in gym class. Scrunchies pose for an easy way to quickly pull up hair, and are fashionable to wear around the wrist when not in use.

“I used to not like scrunchies, but lately I’ve really been liking them.” senior RaeAnn Leist said. “It adds something traditional to an outfit and ties it together perfectly.”